About Us


”Between passion and obsession”

Töissä sumea kansi

Miilu-Boats Ltd. is a family based company that is specialised in custom made boats. These boats are made to fill up your dreams and standards of boating and sailing.

All our boats are custom builds tailored to our customer needs.

At our best we are when we are building let’s say under 30 foot custom boats – traditional or modern, but off course we are also capable of larger builds. We also do refits, rebuilds and other fine woodworks.

Our slogan is comes from the situation, when I had to describe my relationship to boats. ”Well, it is something between passion and obsession”. This is the magnitude of commitment you also have to have to your customers needs to be able to fulfil dreams. With us the boat building is not just an process, it is an journey. Area you ready for your journey with us?

Please do not hesitate to contact. We are more than happy to give more information about us and what we can do for you.


Best Regards

Jari Vanhatalo


Boat builder & owner of Miilu-Boats Ltd.




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