J10 ”Refanut”

1941 Swedish sailing club Långedrags Segel Sällskapett commissioned boat designer Hjalmar Ollson to desing an one design boat for the club. Club has used several size boats  to race around cans, mainly Långedragsjulle J18, but the were a need for smaller and more affordable boat. Långedragsjulle J10 one design class was born.

I started to build of an modified J10 autumn 2014. It was supposed to be good looking, and affordable boat that is big and sturdy enough to support family sailing and small enough to be towed easily. Here rig was modified from bermuda rig to sprit sail and later to gaff rig.

She is 5.0 m long and 1.9 m wide. Sail area is 10 sqm. ”Refanut” is now owned by Wooden Boat Co-op Finland and can be rented and sailed around Helsinki archipelago.

She was a nominee in Classic Boat Awards 2016.

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